White and Denim: The Inverted Classic

White And Denim

white and denim

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans and a white tee? Who hasn’t more often than not worn this combination to literally anywhere? I know I have. That’s why white and denim has to join the classics party. Because truth be told it is a classic combo. Okay so what if you want to be a little more adventurous and spruce to your most basic casual outfit? Of course there are many ways to do this. One is what I opted for; the inverted white and denim look that helped me break the jeans and tee monotony.
Okay, let’s clear the air before fabric experts crucify me. I am not wearing a denim shirt. This is chambray. For all intents and purposes and to avoid getting you further confused, chambray is this light-weight fabric that’s almost linen but looks like denim. I think the most obvious differentiating factor is that it will be lighter than denim. So it is a better version when shopping for a dressy denim (or denim-like) shirt since it will be more versatile and easy to play around with. Something to do with how it is woven but you really don’t need all those details.

Of course the moment I lay eyes on this chambray shirt I knew I needed it in my life 🙂 I was already thinking of the many ways I will wear it so expect to see more combos in the near future. For this look, I was trying to spruce up the classic jeans and so I opted for white high waist pants instead. The shirt is long therefore I was able to do this interesting knot so it would work with the pants design. The blue shoes were an obvious choice (you all know I’m a color coordinating mess).

How would you wear your denim or chambray shirt? Would love to hear more options.

white and denim 1

My outfit details:
Chambray shirt – Jumia
White high-waist pants – Dazzles Closet
Shoes – Atmosphere
Black croc pattern clutch –  A shop in New York whose name I can’t remember
Thanks for reading. Stay elegant. XX

white and denim white and denim white and denim

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