White Lace Dress Outfit

You can’t go wrong with lace, I believe. That’s why I’m going crazy over this pretty dress from FigureStyle Boutique. Actually, since I haven’t yet figured out which of the eleven outfits that I recently featured I love the most, please allow me to gush over each at a time. And as promised, here are more pictures of this pretty white lace dress.

I have been obsessing over white pieces lately as you may have noticed, and this dress is a unique addition in my closet because of its A-line style that’s not a common feature in my wardrobe. I also love the interesting neckline detail that makes it stand out even more.

One thing I really like about these pieces from FigureStyle is the quality. Lace is one rather flimsy and often weak fabric that is so prone to accidental tears even before you actually get a chance to wear your prized new possession. Fortunately, though, due to the top notch quality of the fabric on this dress, I find that I can wear it comfortably without having that fear of it getting caught in say my jewelry or even a rogue nail (sometimes we have those, haha)! So in addition to the unique design and pretty pattern on the fabric, the quality is another reason to purchase this dress! Go get yours before they’re out of stock!

For this look I paired the dress with these pretty shoes I can’t get enough of. Seriously I think shoe designers are geniuses. Black, block heeled sandals with floral embroidery, can these shoes get any cuter guys?? I wear them with pretty much everything since I got them. They have been styled with glam dresses, skirts, and even jeans. I can only hope they won’t succumb to this abuse lol! Still debating if to get them in a different color or a do replica of these. We’ll see.

white lace outfit

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More pics and outfit details below ??

white lace dress


white lace dress outfitwhite lace dress

White lace dress: FigureStyle Boutique Kilimani

Shoes: Linda’s Fashion World

Clutch: Old collection

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