White Skirt & Sunset Splendor

White Skirt

white skirt

Seriously, have you asked yourself why celebrities and fashion icons have clung to the white pencil skirt for so long and aren’t letting go? I will let you in on the secret. A piece as easy to style as any staple in your closet. So I thought it doesn’t hurt to give you some ideas on how to wear yours too. (Only that after I saw these pictures taken in a park at sunset, I was so taken by the beauty of the whole landscape that I’m still finding it hard to not just gush and gush about how Kenya is beautiful and stuff. But let me try real hard here to stick to the script).

So, styling white pencil skirts. Okay, there’s a certain polished feel a white skirt gives to an outfit. The whole crisp clean look, and maybe the fear of getting dirty makes one extra conscious of their surroundings and ends up giving one some sort of a more sophisticated posture. I don’t know. But a white midi pencil skirt especially, is one piece that really qualifies for a staple in any wardrobe. I mean can you think of anything you cannot pair with it and instantly look chic? And what’s more fun is that you can style it for any occasion using these simple tips:

  • A crop top of any bold color (think blue, green, yellow, red etc.) will look great with your white skirt, as long as you pair with the right accessories. If you are into neon go for it. Pumps either in white or same color as your top works great for a dressed up look. This will get you through a brunch, dinner date or a fancy cocktail party. Add some fancy or statement jewelry.
  • A white crop with white pumps will bring out the sexy for those fun night outs. I’m talking about the all white everything kinda look. Pair it with a fancy jacket, maybe leather, and you are all set.
  • For the corporate chic look go for a girly blouse in any neutral tone, I have discovered peach, black, nude and subtle patterns work really well with white skirts. Pair with black, nude or print pumps. This way your outfit stays chic and a cut above basic without being loud or inappropriate in an office setting.

So there you have it, go enjoy experimenting with your white pencil skirt, and yes they lied, you can totally rock white after Labor Day. (Who dreamed up such a crazy directive anyway…)

Thanks for reading. Stay inspired. XX

white skirt

white skirt white skirt white skirt

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