Yellow Jumpsuit Outfit

yellow jumpsuit outfitI have been looking for a wide legged jumpsuit for a while now and when I saw this yellow jumpsuit I knew I had to get it. Regardless of the fact that it was an off shoulder which is a style I do not really care much for as it doesn’t work for my body type. I loved the color and the rest of its design so much (it has an open back that I forgot to take a shot of). I know most people shy off wearing bright colors especially yellow and it’s true I don’t wear it often either.  I think it should be like a special occasion sort of color so when buying yellow apparel choose dressy pieces like a maxi dress, a jumpsuit or a skater dress. Something not everyday wear. You will notice that I folded the flap and lifted it forming a sort of cape instead of the off shoulder design it was intended to be. Cape designs  are showing up a lot on the red carpet right now (remember Lupita at the 2015 Golden Globes and more recently JLo, Cate Blanchett, Jada etc.  at the 2016 Golden Globes).  I’ve seen quite a number on the African runways as well and I think I’ve fallen for the trend. So please recommend below any stores I can find cape dresses, jumpsuits or just capes 🙂

I boldly paired it with a red bag, and accessories in contrasting shades of black. I wore this outfit recently to a friend’s farewell party (you know the ones before a wedding) and it perfectly fit the occasion. Yellow has this celebratory happy vibe going on. It’s probably the way it is bright, loud and vibrant. It is actually one of those colors that brighten up a room and make you feel good. Experts say that yellow creates a sense of optimism, confidence, self-esteem, emotional strength, friendliness and creativity. Basically it makes everything seem brighter.  Well, here is to bright yellow clothes and brighter days.

yellow jumpsuit outfit yellow jumpsuit outfit

yellow jumpsuit outfit

yellow jumpsuit outfit

yellow jumpsuit outfit yellow jumpsuits and bright days

Shop the look :

Jumpsuit – Fashion Reborn

Shoes – Primark Atmosphere

Belt – Amazon

Purse – Amazon

Sunglasses – Amazon

As always thank you so much for being here and stay elegant. XX

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